Technology services

Corporate Portfolio :

A & Company incorporates all aspects of building a company portfolio, including creavity, strategic planning and demonstrations. We offer:

  • Targeted research and evaluation of corporate identity through extraction and synthesis of integral data
  • Building pitch decks to help our clients raise necessary funds
  • Helping brands communicate and build fruitful relationships with their target audience
Website Design and Development

A & Company provides unique and trusted professional websites through its highly skilled and qualified teams. In our first iteration, we deliver the sitemap which explains the structure and hierarchy of the site pages. Next comes our prototypes – which are low-fidelity designs to demonstrate each page’s structure. All our deliverables are highly backed and supported by the extensive research we conduct. Our design and development teams are fluent in a modern web languages such as .Net, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, Java and CSS.
We ensure all-encompassing evaluation of every website before the final stage of going live.

IT Architecture Support :

Clients who have development capabilities can hugely benefit from top of the range design and architectural services the we offer. With the ability to suggest suitable technologies and having the right skills to tailor them for the client’s purpose will help the clients hit the ground running very quickly. Our specialised design and architecture team can support the clients to process complex user requirements to manageable modules of software. We will ensure 100% success rate to our clients with their deliverables within the agreed budget. Our services would be made available for the entire lifecycle of software development in order to support our clients till the end delivery.

  • Expert experience in providing application architecture services
  • Design capabilities to develop complex applications
  • Expertise with cutting edge software application technologies
  • Abilities to convert the conceptual solution into a consistent solutions architecture and develop technical solutions out of it.
  • Expertise with object oriented design patterns
  • Detailed design of the solution using UML based modelling
  • Design with in-built scenario based test analysis to ensure robust solution
  • Support with agile methodologies along with the right tools where needed
  • Strong expertise in micro-services architecture